One Identity Theft is One Too Many

The Truth Behind 4 Bankruptcy Myths

12 January

It’s a major decision to file for bankruptcy, because there are credit and legal ramifications associated with it. Before you decide on moving forward with a bankruptcy filing, be sure to know the truth behind these 4 myths. Myth 1: Bankruptcy Causes You To Lose Everything A common misconception is that bankruptcy will force you […]

3 Things to Keep in Mind When Dealing with Insurance Companies

12 January

When you are dealing with an insurance company following an accident, you need to use caution. Although insurance companies are designed to help protect you, keep in mind that they are also always trying to protect and look out for themselves as well. #1: Record All of Your Conversations Most of your conversations with the […]

What Protections Are Offered By A Living Trust?

12 January

For many people, a living trust is a way for their estate to avoid going through probate. However, there are many other benefits to using a living trust. One of the most important reasons is an opportunity to protect your estate and its heirs. If you are considering a living trust for protection purposes, you need […]

Thoughts And Strategies For A DUI Case

11 January

Getting convicted of a DUI can be a nightmare situation depending on the severity of the situation. No matter what sort of repercussions you are facing, you will need to take this case seriously and get representation that will protect you and help you out in court. This means that if you read on and […]

What Can You Do To Rebuild After A Bankruptcy?

11 January

After filing for bankruptcy, you need to turn your focus towards rebuilding your financial outlook. Making and learning how to stick to it is part of improving your finances, but there are many other steps you should take to guarantee that you will not need to file for bankruptcy again. To help you get back […]

The FSMA And The Severity Of Corporate Food Poisoning Cases

10 January

Corporate food poisoning cases have become big news lately due to several big cases pursued under the Food Safety Modernization Act or the FSMA. Corporate food distributors need to understand the importance of this law, the types of fines they could experience as a result, and how a corporate lawyer can protect them from serious […]

How Can I Save Money On A Divorce Lawyer?

02 November

The expense of getting a divorce lawyer can be costly, but it’s often the best option for making sure that your assets are split fairly between you and your spouse. Still, there are several ways that you can cut down on the costs of your family law attorney. Try to Settle Issues Upfront First of […]

Free To Speak: What You Need To Know About Attorney-Client Privilege

27 October

You’ve undoubtedly heard of the term “attorney-client privilege,” but how confident can you really be about the communications you have with your attorney? Read on to learn more about this important and powerful legal concept. What Does Attorney-Client Privilege Mean? Your attorney needs to know everything possible about your case to plan a good defense […]

Internet Appeal: Why It’s Not A Good Idea To Do It

27 July

If the Social Security Administration, or SSA, denies your initial disability application, you have the option of appealing the decision online. Although the Internet Appeal application may seem like the best option for you, it may not be. If you don’t have the evidence, documents and other pertinent information to back up your disability claim, […]